A.C.T. Terrorism

Awareness is a Counter Terrorism


With the majority of ARK’s services being undertaken outside of most people’s normal business hours, we are well placed to observe and report any unusual or suspicious activity.

All ARK employees undertake Counter-Terror training to ensure that they remain vigilant to the fact that the threat exists. Previously, all Alarm Response and Keyholding employees had completed Counter Terrorism training through Project Griffin which was the national counter-terrorism awareness initiative for business produced by NaCTSO to protect our cities and communities from the threat of terrorism. The Project Griffin Industry Self-Delivery option has now been closed and replaced by ACT Awareness eLearning.

About ACT Awareness

ACT Awareness is a Counter-Terrorism learning designed for all UK based companies and organisations, providing Nationally accredited corporate Counter-Terrorism guidance to help the industry better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology. The learning modules cover, an Introduction to Terrorism, Identifying Security Vulnerabilities, How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour, How to Identify and Deal with a Suspicious Item, what to do in the event of a Bomb Threat, and How to Respond to a Firearms or Weapons Attack.

NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) is a police unit that supports a network of 190 counterterrorism security advisers who work within local police forces to provide help, advice and guidance on counterterrorism protective security to specified industry sectors. In 2017, NaCTSO, working with the Crowded Places Information Exchange (CPIE), identified the need for an e-learning course to help individuals within UK businesses better understand and mitigate against terrorism.

More about ACT Awareness

The e-learning includes interactive video scenarios and instructional tutorials, combined with visual and audio footage, to create engaging learning, with modules covering key areas such as identifying security vulnerabilities, responding to suspicious behaviour, dealing with a suspicious item, how to deal with a bomb threat, and responding to firearms or weapons attacks.
Within three months of launching the e-learning, it had reached over 1,200 businesses, comparing favourably with the previous approach (Project Griffin) that had engaged with 400 businesses over two years.
ARK believe in training all of our employees, however the training can also be accessed for free by you and your employees via e-learning platform, counter terrorism police website or the official A.C.T. website.



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