Using a NASDU company means we are committed to abiding by all relevant Codes of Practice together with the recommendations and guidance contained in BS 8517-1:2009 for General Purpose Dogs and BS 8517-2:2010 for Detection Dogs.

  • BS 8517-1:2009 for General Purpose Dogs – Security dogs must be safe among members of the public as well as able to defend their handlers if the need arises. This standard exists to help ensure that such dogs are fully trained and are healthy, humanely disciplined animals working under the control of suitably trained handlers.
  • BS 8517-2:2010 for Detection Dogs – of BS 8517 gives recommendations for the operational use of a detection dog by a detection dog handler when providing passive and proactive detection services (e.g. drugs, firearms, munitions, explosives, pyrotechnics, intentionally concealed persons), including records, kennelling/husbandry, dog health and welfare, equipment and clothing, training and operational requirements.

See ARK here on the N.A.S.D.U. Associate Company members page.

NASDU Certificate

Alarm Response & Keyholding Ltd. are an associate company member of the national association of security dog users and support the aims and objectives of the association and abide by its codes of practice together with relevant sections contained within the current BS 8517-1 and/or BS 8517-2.



N.A.S.D.U. is responsible for the development of standards and training within the UK’s private security dog sector and is acknowledged by the S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority), the Home Office, B.S.I. (British Standards Institute) and the industry’s Sector Skills Body SFS (Skills for Security). Over the past few years, N.A.S.D.U. has been involved with the development of National Occupational Standards (N.O.S.), the First academic qualifications for Security Dog Handlers based on original N.A.S.D.U. training programmes and the first British Standard for Security Dog Handling (BS 8517 Part 1 and Part 2) for which the N.A.S.D.U. Code of Practice was used as its basis.

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N.A.S.D.U. is a not for profit Membership Association run by its Members for the benefit of both its Members and the wider private security industry dog sector.  N.A.S.D.U. aims to achieve and promote National Standards for ALL Trainers, Handlers and Dogs used within the Security Industry and for those who are concerned with the Care, Health, Safety and Welfare of dogs within the Security Industry. You can learn more about N.A.S.D.U. by visiting their website.


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