We are proud to announce our new logo, with a new website coming soon.

The new logo was approved by the board of the Asset Protection Group in September 2018. The new logo has been developed in tangent with a new website, which will be coming soon.

Alarm Response and Keyholding as it is today, was formed in 2006 back then we had a traditional looking logo, made using an all-caps serif typeface called Trajan. Due to its popularity over the years it has become less individual as many companies incorporated it into their branding (in and out of the security industry). In 2015 the logo was updated to include a city-skyline integrated into the key whilst keeping elements of the original.

The new 2018 logo streamlines this by simplifying the “ARK Key” that customers have come to know and placing it in a rounded rectangle, a shape that has become synonymous with services and applications.

The new look will be featured on all communication tools in both digital and print media.

The image below shows all the various versions of the logo over the years.


ARK logo history


Nicholas Michael, Digital Marketing & Content Developer said the following…

“I’m very happy to see the new logo being launched publicly, my hope is that we can build a clear, well defined brand who’s focus is customer experience. I have been helping develop the new website and user experience is very important to me. I’d like drastically to improve the ledgility & utility of documentations of the ARK brand across both web and print. I’m looking forward to releasing the new website in the near future, so watch this space…”


The updated logo has been applied to the ARK website, social channels such as LinkedIn & Twitter as well as updating business cards e.t.c. Expect another update from us closer to the launch of the new website.

There are also some great sponsorships upcoming and look forward to announcing these sponsorships.



Alarm Response and Keyholding is part of the Asset Protection Group and we specialise in providing professional keyholding and alarm response services across the UK. Securing your home or business to ensure the safety of your family and staff.
We have been providing keyholding and guarding services since 1982. Because we take the responsibility for responding to out of hours of alarm activations.  As well as securing sites on behalf of owners with fully licensed SIA security officers.