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Public Sector

ARK has worked in the Public Sector for many years.

    Public Sector services such as nursing and education make up a large portion of ARK’s client base. Many key positions within this sector are held by female staff who can be vulnerable as lone workers attending alarm activations or opening and locking the premises. We have a range of services to remove risk and inconvenience.

    Public offices are amongst the most challenging work environments, due to limited resources. At ARK we believe that we that as a group our division can be used to make various elements of the public sector’s security better, and more efficient whilst improving the lives of employees in this sector.

    In making this sector more efficient we optimise the man-hours need to accomplish certain tasks and make the tax-payers money go further. Our competitive pricing and accreditations make us a popular choice with public sector bodies. Contact us to see how we can assist you.

      Open & Lock

      Weekly Bell Testing

      Mobile Patrols

      Dog Handlers

      Manned Guarding

      Vacant Property Inspections

      CCTV & Alarm Monitoring


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