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    Alarm Response & Keyholding offer residential keyholding services providing you with full peace of mind in respect to keeping your property, possessions and more importantly your family safe and secure with 24 hour round the clock rapid alarm response. We will safeguard a set of your keys, unmarked and secure ready for when the need arises to respond to an alarm activation at your home.

    Once on the scene our licensed Security Officers will perform a comprehensive check of your property, externally and internally to determine the problem and if required call the appropriate emergency service to secure your home. When our officers attend an incident you can be assured that they won’t leave the property until the situation is resolved and your home secure again.

    Statistics show that a burglary takes place somewhere in the UK every 37 seconds which equates to over one million actual burglaries and attempted burglaries every year. It’s been found that 20% of British homes experience more than 1 incident each year and 13% are unfortunate to be burgled twice. It is often thought that most incidents happen during the night during the darker hours of the day, but daytime burglaries are on the increase.

      Your Home

      Your home is your Castle and they come in all shapes and sizes. We look after everything from single bed apartments to Manor Houses.

      The most important thing is that you are safe in the knowledge that your home is protected and alarm activations will not go unanswered.

      Holiday Home

      You may have a second home that is unoccupied for long periods at a time.

      We can respond to alarm activations and liaise with you directly if you wish while we are on site, or simply provide a report the following day.

      Elderly/Vulnerable Family Member

      If you are concerned about a relative we can respond to Panic Alarms.

      We would hold a set of keys and be able to check on their welfare if the alarm is activated and allow access to paramedics or health workers if the need arises.

      By entrusting us to cover your security concerns:

        • You can leave your home unattended knowing that your property is under our protection.

        • If your alarm is activated, our mobile response officer will arrive at your property within minutes, perform thorough checks internally and externally to determine the reason for activation and execute the appropriate action to secure your home.

        • If you lose your keys we’re a call away from helping you back into your home and if the need arises assist you with lock changing.

        • When you’re away for a period of time on holiday or business trips you know your property will be watched and all security situations will be dealt with by us on your behalf. We can send officers to your property at random times to show a visible presence when you are away to deter opportunists.

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          Dog Handlers

          Manned Guarding

          Vacant Property Inspections

          CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

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