Manned Guarding

What is it?

Provided on both a permanent and temporary basis, a static guard security officer is the visual presence that you may require.

We can provide security officers to protect your premises during periods of high risk. Whether you have one or several locations throughout the UK needing a manned presence, we can provide the security service you require. Cover can be arranged on a permanent or Ad-hoc basis for ARK customers who are currently under contract with us for one or more of our core services.


Security officers provide a proven, effective visual deterrent to would-be criminals.

While CCTV and other security products, can be successful in reducing crime, a fully uniformed physical presence could deter thieves and vandals where a camera may not. Trained and experienced, a security officer can quickly identify potential threats, efficiently respond to emergency incidents such as fire or flood and protect your people and assets.

Prevention of fires and flooding

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The damage a fire or flood could do to your premises is not even worth thinking about. Carelessness by visitors or employees as well as faulty electrics or plumbing can lead to absolute disaster. Static security guards will patrol the area, checking for any safety risks which include potential fire or flooding hazards. The guards will then be able to report and prevent any hazards and ensure the situation doesn’t get any worse, saving your building from potential damage.

The protection of people

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One of the many reasons people hire static security for their premises is to ensure the safety of employees and visitors alike. Static security guards are on hand to spot any threat to a person’s wellbeing and take action to prevent injury, harm or distress. Threats can include assaults, accidents and emergencies which can be avoided if the right security team are in place.

Preventing criminal damage

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Unfortunately, vandalism is a common occurrence in our society, especially in London so your premises may be at risk of damage by vandals and criminals. A static security team will patrol the area, keeping an eye out for any criminal activity and ensuring it’s stopped.

Preventing the theft of property

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Depending on the nature of the organisation, theft can come in many shapes and forms. From the theft of expensive decorative pieces to people stealing sensitive information and documents, static security guards can put a stop to it. They can also prevent unauthorised access or use of equipment which can prevent theft or breach of confidentiality before it even happens.

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We suggest that in order to be effective the minimum number of mobile patrols you should consider having are two per evening, with a maximum of 1 every two-hour period but spread randomly.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise on a frequency based on the nature of your business and your security objectives.


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