Mobile Patrols

What is it?

Alarm Response & Keyholding can provide Mobile Patrols to suit all needs when you require a security presence to secure your property, but manned security is either impractical or not cost-effective.  All our services are tailored to suit your site’s needs from having a fixed number of random patrols throughout the night to having prearranged internal patrols covering the weekends. All our patrols are highly visible to deter any potential unwanted activity on your premises.

Mobile patrols give you a physical and regular security presence at your property. The Mobile Patrol Officer will arrive at your site and will patrol pre-determined key points of your building and grounds to ensure all is in order.


Potentially vulnerable areas of your property can be regularly checked. Patrols should be random so that patterns can’t be formed.

Mobile patrols are the most cost-effective method of having your business regularly checked by a Security Officer.

Patrols can be used to reduce threats such as Vandalism and Theft and work very well as a joined-up solution such as CCTV monitoring to give you the best of both worlds, at a fraction of a cost in comparison to a Manned Guard.

Acts as a deterrent

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The patrolling guards are in their uniforms so that they can be recognized from a distance and thus, people take into account that there is additional security present. This warns the unwanted visitors who attempt to create any unlawful activity. The onlookers will, therefore, not try to indulge in any wrong activity.

Provides all-round security

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Patrol guards are always on foot or wheels and thus, it becomes easy for them to provide security to every corner of the place. They make sure that there is enough security in each area. Taking rounds all over the place ensures that the place is completely safe.

Cost Effective

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A permanent security guard might sometimes seem to be very expensive. Mobile patrol guard service, on the other hand, is very much cost-effective. It might be a little above the cost of a single security guard, but it provides a better form of security to your business or home. It is cost-effective also because you pay only for what you utilise.

Complete protection

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The role of security guards is not only to catch criminals in action but also to stop crime from happening. Mobile patrol security guard service ensures that crime does not occur in the area where they are patrolling. The criminals would not attempt to commit a crime as they know that it would be impossible to escape and that they will surely get caught.

Immediate response

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Patrol security is one of the best security services for events because it is always on the move and hence, can take quick action. When any unlawful activity is spotted, you cannot wait for the police to arrive. Someone has to take immediate action. The guards that are available in the vehicle will be able to reach the spot in no time and any situation will be dealt with swiftly.

How does it work?


1. Listen to Requirements

2. Agree Frequency

3. Attend / Report

What will the service do for your business?

We suggest that to be effective the minimum number of mobile patrols you should consider having are two per evening, with a maximum of 1 every two hours but spread randomly.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise on a frequency based on the nature of your business and your security objectives.

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Typically this service is used by businesses that occupy large spaces such as construction sites and other production facilities. These types of business keep valuable machinery on sites that opportunistic criminals may target. The danger of this can be offset with our mobile patrollers who will either carry out a fixed number of random patrols throughout the night to having prearranged internal patrols covering the weekends.


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