Staff Escort Service

What is it?

Staff Escort Service means that we can rendezvous with one of your staff members at a location away from the site and then arrive at your site in unison.


Staff escorts are an effective criminal deterrent and safety measure to ensure your staff are secure. While other security products, including CCTV and alarms, are useful in reducing crime, in a high-risk scenario the visible presence of a staff escort will give your staff the reassurance they need to go about their day. Staff escorts are highly trained and experienced in identifying threats, responding to those threats accordingly and above all protecting you and your staff.

Protection of Staff

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Staff escorts, as their title suggests, there to ensure the safety and security of your employees. Their physical presence will also provide peace of mind for any visitors or customers to your business. They are on alert to spot any threat to your staff’s wellbeing and know the right course of action to prevent the threat escalating. This can include attempts to source sensitive information, assaults or theft of goods.

Crime Prevention

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Business properties are becoming an increasingly appealing target for vandals and criminals. A staff escort, by being present to protect your staff, is also able to make a note and act on any potential criminal activity taking place on the premises.

Beyond Business

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Depending on the level of threat that your staff have encountered to their wellbeing, the staff escorts are in place to meet them at an appropriate location outside of work to enable them to commute safely.

Physical Deterrent

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The staff escort will be physically distinctive from your staff members and therefore, serves as a warning to potential criminals that you are taking security measures seriously. This will deter them from attempting to harm your staff or unlawfully get onto the business premises. 

How does it work?

1. Schedule Meet Point

2. Meet at Rendezvous

3. Deliver Staff to Office


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