Vacant Property Inspections 

What is it?

Insurance companies are making Void property inspections (VPI’s) a requirement to ensure the integrity of the building and to comply with the terms of the policy.

Vacant properties can be seen as an easy target for vandals, thieves, arsonists, squatters or even children. Some insurance companies make these inspections a requirement of cover and will discount premiums if an approved security company is contracted to deliver them.


Commercial properties have become heavily targeted by squatters since 1st September 2012 when it became an offence to squat in a residential property. Attention since then has turned to Vacant Commercial Properties.

Alarm Response & Keyholding can provide a comprehensive inspection thereby protecting the landlord’s investment and avoid time-consuming delays removing trespassers or fixing the damaged property. We can supply all clients with a full report and photographic evidence of all inspections made.


What do we check ?

Our comprehensive security checks include:
  • Checking and securing all access points doors windows
  • Checking for water leaks and damage
  • Check for fire and electrical hazards
  • Checking the general condition of the interior
  • Look for evidence of graffiti & vandalism.
  • We can take a meter reading

What will the service do for your business?

Economic uncertainty and the increase in homelessness has led to the increased vulnerability of the numerous empty premises in the UK. As with all of ARK’s services, the delivery can be tailored to meet your needs.

Get in touch with Alarm Response and Keyholding for a quotation on your vacant property.

Where can the service be used? 

This service is great for business who have vacated a property/premise but still have legal responsibilities for the property, this can vary from companies that have gone into administration to the company either adding/moving offices or properties where the lease has expired.


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