The SIA’s virtual learning pilot has been a success and they are confident that the virtual delivery of qualifications is robust and doesn’t compromise the integrity of licence-linked qualifications. The awarding organisations: Laser, Highfield, NOCN, Pearson, BIIAB and SFJ Awards, all participated in the pilot using their centres and covers the following sectors: security officer, CCTV, and Door Supervisor (theory only).

The current qualifications can be delivered in the virtual classroom once the training centre has been approved by their awarding organisation.

Simultaneously the awarding organisations are looking to see how the SIA can use the virtual classrooms to deliver the new licence-linked qualifications next spring and the top-up training next October.

This is a positive step forwards for the SIA, especially during COVID, however the costs to enter the industry for what is often a minimum wage starting salary is still restrive when trying to add talent to the industry.